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Patronage and sponsorship

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Societe Generale Private Banking sponsors the French contemporary painter, Fabienne Verdier

Committed to the values of artistic creation, the private bank of Societe Generale group is supporting this artist, who has followed an unusual path.

Fabienne Verdier

A French contemporary painter.

Fabienne Verdier revisits the paintings of early flemish masters

Fabienne Verdier, a French contemporary painter supported by Societe Generale Private Banking, will present her works in tribute to the great early Flemish Masters at an exhibition at the Gr...


Contemporary art is, with classical music, one of the two key areas of Societe Generale’s cultural patronage policy. This policy is perfectly aligned with the Group's culture and core valu...


Through the Mécénat Musical Societe Generale association, which was launched over 20 years ago, the Group adapts its sponsorship policy to the changing needs of classical musicians (sponso...


The Societe Generale Group has been the official partner of the French Golf Federation since 2001, and of the French Open since 2004. It is a sponsor of the Evian Masters international women...
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