Current and deposit accounts

Current account

With all of life’s demands, you need a straight forward way to access your money. Our current account offers you the flexibility to manage your money, with a personal service, should you need any assistance.

Whatever aspect of wealth management we can help you with we will ask you to set up a current account with us.

From this account, which operates in all major currencies, you can withdraw cash, make payments and we will keep you up to date with your transactions.


  • Standing orders
  • Direct Debits
  • Clearing House Automated Payments System (CHAPS)
  • Bank Automated Clearing System (BACS)
  • Cheques
  • Bankers draft
  • Monthly statements
  • Visa debit card (link)
  • eBanking
  • Overdraft

We understand that your cash holdings may not always cover your outgoings, so we are happy to arrange overdrafts depending on your regular needs.

Deposit accounts

Should you need an additional account for everyday access or have a larger sum of money you would like to grow over varying periods of time, we have a number of deposit accounts you can choose from.

Call deposits offer you quick and easy access to your cash for your day-to-day necessities. These deposits are available in a range of currencies and can be accessed by contacting your private banker.

We offer rates for fixed deposits in a variety of currencies and for bespoke maturities. Rates are derived from those available in the Money Markets and the maturity date can be tailored to your needs.