Traditional Funds

Best of Breed Funds

Our platform gives you access to well in excess of 60,000 funds domiciled in the world’s major onshore and offshore centres. In early 2000, Societe Generale Private Banking set up a centre of expertise - Fund Solutions - dedicated to fund selection. Since then, Fund Solutions has built partnerships with over 140 leading Fund Providers, ranging from large international fund houses to independent and boutique managers specialising in niche markets.

Using a combination of in-house quantitative tools and a qualitative approach, Societe Generale Private Banking have built a robust and successful research process culminating in the selection of funds covering most asset classes, investment themes, and sectors.

Access to wider markets

As the most talented fund managers do not all work for the same fund provider it is key to have access to a significant segment of the market. Fund Solutions’ commitment is to wider market access : make it possible to access the ‘best fund managers throughout the industry. This approach allows the team to select the most appropriate manager for each asset class or investment theme and enables Fund Solutions to deliver funds to clients and strategic partners including fiduciaries and asset managers.

A wide range of best-of-breed funds available

Fund solutions offers a wide range of investment products from first class boutique firms to well established global asset management businesses.


  • A full spectrum of investment approaches: quantitative, fundamental
  • Various investment styles: growth, value.
  • Different capitalisations: small, mid, large caps
  • A variety of sectors (regional, global) or themes (agriculture, energy, etc.)
  • Fixed Income

  • Global or regional funds
  • From sovereign debt to corporate bonds and high yield funds
  • Different maturities and/or issuer
  • Multi Asset Class

  • Primarily a mix of bonds and equities
  • Global or Regional
  • Different investment styles: diversified funds, flexible funds, absolute return funds
  • Different risk levels depending on the allocation between equities and bonds.
  • Money Markets

    • Short-term investments in a range of currencies
    • Investments in money market instruments and other interest-bearing securities with short maturities and strong credit ratings, such as time deposits, certificates of deposit or bonds with short maturities.