Corporate structures

If you would like to ensure the longevity of a family company, manage a securities portfolio, structure ownership of a family art collection or conserve assets for the benefit of one of your loved ones, creating a corporate structure will allow you to meet all these objectives.

From advice…

Following the advice of your lawyer, or with the help of your Societe Generale Private Banking Wealth Planner, you will determine the wealth plan and structure most suited to your goals. This will usually lead to the setting up of one or more corporate structures, the legal form and the jurisdiction of which will be carefully selected in order to optimise the benefits to you.

… to implementation

Our team will implement your wealth plan working alongside you and your team of professional advisers. As we know, your time is precious, so we carry out the setting up and administration of corporate structures on your behalf.

Our teams take care of accounting, annual statements, company meetings and annual accounting audits. Whatever your circumstances, our experts can help you find the best solution to suit your needs.